We Happen With Life Alongside

There's so much going on before me in my life right now.

Between family, friends, and myself, I barely get time to think.

Little did I know, that's what I needed the most.

You and I have had the worst problems for 60 days.

Then they came to bite us back and ruin us.

But we stopped that and took a different route.

And so far, through a one-day's evaluation, it seems like my infamous idea just may click.

See, you're the person I don't want to lose.

You need someone there for you, and I want to be that someone.

If anyone else can come to me for help, you may as well too.

We've been through so much, and in your eyes, throwing it away was too damn unacceptable.

Second tries are good.

We know we're both well-worth each other.

I care for you.

I always will.

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