Lovely Personality

Sometimes I realize how you really act toward me.

On a good day you tend to be sweet, loving, gentle, affectionate, and warm.

You hold me in your arms.

You kiss my soft head then work over to my pink lips.

You whisper sweetly to me.

You smile and laugh with me.

Your embrace grips me as if someone would steal me from your caring, safe arms.

Your reassuring voice tells me you love me and to not worry: "I'm here..."

Your eyes glisten with love as mine settle on them.

But when we must say a short good-bye your heart saddens in the same beat as mine.

You kiss me one more time and walk off.

I stand there still feeling your warm hand wrapped around mine.

Your prescence remains.

Your love remains.

You remain.

And those are just your good qualities.

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