"The Only Reason I Didn't Do it Was Because of You..."

...the opening line to this story,

One I feel could end too soon,

And shouldn't.

Midnight had just struck.

The moment I could have spent alone in my room,

Thinking of him.

Instead I was in a car,

With someone else.

I needed to tell him.

Yes, I needed to talk to him.

His phone rang, and his tired, exasperated voice echoed on the other end.

He knew everything was alright,

But could have been better.

We could have ended with a kiss

And a taste of sweet cookie dough.

No, things just didn't happen that way.

I sat there on a stool,

Tears drowning all the dignity

And self-respect I had left...

As she tore my emotions to shreds.

...It finally ended

And who I will call my guardian angel of the night

Decided to call me...of all people.

Out went the night,

In came the laughs.

A weight dropped off my scale

And left an opening in my life.

Unfortunately it wasn't for him.

Hopefully he'll call.

He does care.

The time,

Hugs, kisses,


And emotion means too much to mean nothing.

Where this is going I couldn't tell you.

One step in the right direction would be good.

But I can't be sure anymore, can I?

At least he did something for me.

And he did it with care.

Not the first time,

Hopefully not the last.

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