Mind Reader

I should have followed my heart.

I knew it was steering me in the right direction for once.

But I didn't.

I let other people take my feelings and throw them at him.

You see, I wanted to tell him how I felt.

I wanted to sit with him and tell him exactly.

My heart was screaming to go to him.

I disobeyed it.

I felt as though I broke my own precious heart.

I knew I was wrong.

I knew I made a mistake.

Because later, I found that he felt the same way I did.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one 3 days before me and Juan started going out. I was upset when my friend and sister told him how I felt about him and later I found that he liked me just the same. Something was telling me to sit with him and tell him exactly how I felt, but I didn't. Thank God everything turned out ok in the end.

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