Brittany Bear

She's always there when I need her.

Call her name, and she'll be there.

She's my best friend, and almost like a sister to me.

We always hang out and go places and do things.

Whenever we have nothing to do, we call on each other to get through the dark of boredum and see the light of friendship.

Ever since I've known her, we were inseparable.

Nothing could tear us apart.

Until now.

Five years after we met, it seems so sudden,

She left.

She's gone.

It seems unrealistic that my best friend had to move.

But it happened.

She told me to always keep in touch.

I do.

She told me to always remember her.

I do.

But she didn't tell me to miss her.

Either way, I do and wish she was here as much as I want the sun in the sky.

So whether she's here or gone,

She'll always be my Brittany Bear in my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written for a contest in a magazine. The topic was a best friend or family member or someone close to you that you love. Since she is my best friend since 4th grade, I just had to write it about her. Oh and the name 'Brittany Bear'-- well her favorite animal is a bear and it meshed well with her name.

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