Who Cares

Yet again, I feel alone.

My life has no madness, no energy, no excitement, nothing.

I wish it did.

Then there could be something for me to do maybe.

I don't know.

So life will be getting back to hectic and normal in two weeks but that's not what I want.

That is too much.

Well that's silly.

Spilling my pathetic feelings to you.

Who cares.

I'm just another lonely      with nothing to do, no one special person to reach out to in that affectionate, sentimental time of need.

But who cares.

Everyone is like that.

At least, that's what I tend to believe.

But who cares.

Nothing matters.

No one cares.

At least I believe that.

Should I?

Oh, you wouldn't know.

I'll just go and be lonely.

Who cares anymore?

Who cares.....?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in August after a bad time and the lack of a special person this poem describes is not true right now, so ignore it if you read this.

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