Cold World

This life is so      sometimes,

So boring, so forceful, so rude, unproper and unfaithful.

Harmful and disturbing, and mean and selfish.

Why can't it be the way most people intend it?

Like it should be--nice, caring, helpful, giving, proper, faithful and careful.

But no, that will never happen.

People set it on being the majority rules on un-cooperative.

Nothing agrees,

No one cares.

One little person can have an opinion that may change everything for the better.

But that little person is ignored and        d and disliked.

And the other people that agree with that little person can't speak up enough to help.

That's the problem.

There seems to be no solution.

Nothing works.

Nothing helps.

No one cares.

That person is now left alone in the world, cold and lonely.

You may not know, but now you do.

That person is me.

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