Meaning of Life

It is hot and disgusting outside,

But I'm sitting here anyway.

Millions of thoughts and worries run through my head,

But I don't know why.

People intend for life to be so perfect.

Yet it is not.

It never has been,

It never will be.

I can think of a thousand wrong things with life right now.

But everything is so overwhelming that it's difficult to do so.

I feel like there's no more meaning to life.

Then again, that's just me and the here and now.

I tell myself that I'm living for my family, friends and for me.

It seems hard to listen to myself sometimes though.

I know I should, but can I?

Yes, and it's something to live by.

From now on, rest assured that living life is to live it the best way you know how;

Whatever that is.

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