The Storm Calls

In cool shade I sit, but I am still not comfortable.

It is hot.

I am lonely.

It is noisy,

I am scared

Of the lonely state I'm in.

In the distance, thunder        and heat lightning explodes.

The rain is coming.

It would be nice to experience it for once with you.

Suddenly, raindrops fall all around me.

The winds blows fiercely

And the sky lights up, exposing your face in the clouds.

That scared me even more than the herrendous storm itself.

Knowing that this Godly world is telling me to be with you,

Yet I am not.

Why is it though?

I look at my rain-drenched surroundings and myself.

Then I see the answer:

You--standing secretly behind me.

It all makes sense now.

You're stopping us from being together.

But why?

Oh, I get it:

You never wanted it to happen.

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