It's No Longer a Matter of Want (It's Now a Need)

If you walked in the door, I'd smile.

If you called my name, I'd smile.

If you said anything at all to me, I'd be glad simply because you spoke to me and spent time on me.

But with what's been lacking, I'm at a loss of smiles and happiness.

Although I don't rely on you to make my day perfect,

It does help.

I don't care what anyone says if they say anything at all...

I can miss you, love you, and care about you.

Hell, my heart knows I do.

Your warm touch and sweet kiss gives me back something, and rather gently.

I want to be able to be with you and know our time is genuine and our feelings are unique.

Deep down I know my feelings are real and true.

No one can dictate that to me because they do not and will not know my heart and its warmth.

But I don't want this to become a regretted mistake and just another tally on the board and a punch in the paper.

I want it to be meaningful, and I want it to last.

I'll hold on no matter what.

Because at this point it's no longer a want.

It's a need.

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