The Chase Is Over

I finally feel right.

So many problems have been surrounding me, suffocating me.

I was drowning in insecurity.

I was engulfed in lonliness.

But now--all of a sudden, I feel free.

Independent and free.

As if I never really needed him, but I know I do.

The feeling is that the cord is broken--no more of this being attached at the hip.

Only our hearts, minds, and hands are permanently connected to one another.

I now know how much I really need him--by not needing to need him.

Before now I didn't think I could have an above-average time without him.

I felt the day wasn't complete without hearing his voice.

But now, I let him do to me what I did to him--the chase.

My love was covered by obsession.

It couldn't be seen.

However, now it's translucent.

You can see the real me.

I can be with friends and think of him, but not need him to help me walk.

Things are different.

Things have changed.

The chase is over.

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