True to You

My unopened, nonetheless ungiven, letter to you, love.

Let me ask you

Am I wasting my time?

Am I standing in line,

Not about to receive?

Let me ask you

Did everything turn to dust?

Is it a must

That I leave you behind?

Let me ask you

Should I turn and walk away

Forget all I wanted to say

And pretend nothing happened at all...

Am I just another faceless figure waiting for an answer

With the desire like all the rest?

A burning candle in a vicious wind

Trying to hold onto hope and warmth

But too weak to even try.

I am at a standstill,

I am forced to choose.

Only one option will hold onto me,

But the time is merely limited.

The second,

Oh the second option is my love.

Who claims I have so deeply hurt and scarred

Whose life is torn to shreds

Whose heart is so broken

And who cannot seem to forgive anymore.

Little does my love know

That this time is not like the rest.

The situation,

Ever the same.

The feelings, the emotions, and the way life is elapsing,

Have changed my outlook.

He has told me we should be together

And I believed him.

But I did not agree.

I regret what I said,

Because given the chance now,

I would gladly accept,

With arms more widely open

Than for any love I have ever received.

This time, love,

My heart is calling you.

This time,

I mean when I say

That forever more

Shall I be true.

And true that means,

True to you.

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