Our Bodies Come Alive

When night falls

The sexual feelings come alive

Indulging in behavior that neither one of us can hide.

First it starts off with a series of playful kisses and mild foreplay

Until eventually I can't take it nomore I want to have it my way.

So the kisses become more urgent,

And the sexual contact begins.

First before you give in you slip between my legs,

Looking up at me daring me to say something.

I keep quiet waiting for the impact

But you toy with me for a bit,

Until you feel my guard drop so you can skillfully take the kill.

You place your mouth on me so unexpectedly

I release the gasp that I didn't know was lingering so closely.

You work you tongue in amazing ways

That literally has be going out of my mind

Asking myself what am I getting into

So there you are building momentum second by second

Then you started to tease me ever so slight

Moving your fingesr to the entrance

Contemplating, deciding if you should give me what I want.

So you pushed your fingers inside making me release my moan

I can feel the ecstacy rolling off my body

I can feel it in so many different ways.

So when you figure that you had massage my insides long enough

You slide them out, replacing your fingers with your manhood.

It felt hot and I can feel it pulsing, this excites me.

So you moved over me and with one push you was inside

Holy sh*t I feel like I orgasmed one time.

I love having you in me

I love having you this close,

I feel like if I open my eyes you might be a ghost

You whisper dirty things in my ear

And grab my hair

You say pain is pleasure sweetheart

So have no fear.

The adrenalin rising to meet with what was about to come.

We both explode

You just hear the sound of heavy breathing

Then no sound at all.

We go soundly to sleep until morning calls.

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