Dead America

Watched and stalked by millions is a loss 
They're reign slowly coming up like moss 
Media and publicity never gave a sh*t bout the one who died for us on the cross 
Only for the one we "must" follow as if he was our boss 
Just because of the power you obtain doesn't make you better then us 
Thought we had freedom, thought you were going to make a difference, you never earned, you burned our trust 
Burn like trees in the woods and weed in a blunt 
Apparently I don't got a voice, so I jusrt lay back grit my teeth and grunt 
I'm tired of being afraid, i can't do it anymore, i can't just sit back 
No matter what lyes ahead, how much pressure i have on my back 
I'm gonna keep riding my journey,never back down, keep it strong silverback 
With a heart of gold, so many lies have been told, but I'm comin in with more adrenaline then a nigga smokin crack 
Don't hold me back, I'm ready to attack 
No matter what I have in store 
Even though my odds are a distance apart like a jetplane to the floor 
Take em out at the knees,hit em with a haymaker, then go right at the core 
Do it for the boys,girls,parents,family,friends,stranger,rich or poor  
Coming at em with gorilla like strength,tiger roaring,bear clawing,im elephant intelligent, with a heart of a lion, gather yo troops cuz im ready for war 
But sadly...we still sit back and if nothings happening and everythings okay around your area 
Slowly being taking over, without a voice, that's what makes us dead america...  

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