I can’t get over you.

Such a tall wall that took a while to develop.

It was as if a flower grew between the concrete.

You’re not like any wall that I have seen before.

I never predicted this to happen.


Don’t hold me captive for too long.

Rome was built in a day

But something this great took much longer.

I don’t even know if it’s Rome.

Please come back.


I can’t make up my mind.

But my hearts know what it likes.

It’s been months and you still appear in my dreams.

Stay just a little while longer.

I need you.


I want you.

I miss the touch of your skin.

You mock my life.

Your soft skin.

Talented lips.

So complete.

Now I’m empty.

Null Void.

Failure after failure.

I can’t tell you this.

You’ll just say you’ll get over it.

Our friendship is more important.

I think.

Who cares about feelings?

I wish I could share my mind with you

And you share your heart with me.

Reality doesn’t work that way.




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