Leave Me

I thought I was doing everything right for once.

Finding me a nice cute



To treat like my princess.

Everything crashed so quickly.

I prepared myself for the worst.


I expected one thing from it.

We all know what that is.

You made me feel so good.

Maybe it was because you didn’t truly know me.

I don’t know if your story is true

Maybe you just met me and knew it couldn’t be.

A lie would just make you feel better.

You drove all the way to my heart

Just to leave.

Worst part is

I didn’t feel much at first.

I was numb for a while.

It was back to using girls again.

I slowly started to feel hurt.

Like it was my fault.

That I don’t deserve someone who loves me.

I deserve to be alone.

That’s how you made me feel.

I tried my best to entertain and impress you.

As usual I failed.

I’ll never live up to my expectation.

If I can’t live up to my own

How can I live up to someone else’s?

The temporary joy felt so good.

You even made me nervous.

Just to leave me like every other woman.

It used to be the other way around.

I would leave them because I got all the pleasure I needed.

Now it’s turned to haunt me.

They leave me now.

Every woman I actually want leaves.


I never know if I should trust their reason.

I don’t know if it’s true.

Sometimes I think they tell me things

Just to get rid of me.

Once they leave

We don’t talk.

As if we never met.

There’s an empty spot in my heart.

She left it.

With nobody to fill it….



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