Tuesday Nights

New Ideas.

Shared in a circle of people.

Different shades of color.

A splash of everything.

Don’t be scared it’s okay.

Lay it all out like a blueprint.

Your ideas matter.

Little do you know it helps me grow.

All the beautiful women.


Let me take a hiatus.

Back at it since it’s been a week.

Go out there.

Show the world what you’re made of.

More than just a privileged student.

You are so much more.

More than you think you are.

What they taught you in school is wrong.

It’s okay not to be okay.


It’s not going to be okay.

But that’s totally fine.

The powerful feeling of feeling.

A passion for passions.






Be aware of oneself.

A understanding human.

Not insular.

This is where my Tuesday Nights

Took me.

Far away from the world.

Yet closer.

Standing back.

Closer to myself.

Tu es.


Tu eres hermoso.

Miercoles noche.



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