Your smile I remember.

But I cut the tree.

And you yelled timber.

It was during a time where I couldn’t see,


The dreamers expect too much.

We expect something great.

And it never happens as such.

It just dangles like the bait,

While fishing.

Colorblindness does not exist.

Maybe during the day you can hide it.

I go out at night and I’m seen as a risk.

Challenging the norm daily.

I say this, but you don’t believe.

I know a couple of girls hate me.

Only because of the way they perceive,


I just hope to change the world in any way.

Making people smile and laugh.

Like a dog when it wants to play.

To be honest I love toned calves,

On girls.

I just had to make that straight.

I’ll make sure I’m remembered just wait.



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