In the Café

I thought my life had ended.

Everything I wanted gone.

My dreams killed.

My heart was no longer pumping.

The Pasta line was out of service.

I was out of service.

No longer willing to try.

Just when I thought my life was over.

My life began.

I was led to a place

Far better than where I was.

Sometimes you think you need something so bad

You forget what you really were missing.


Placing unnecessary things in high places.

Forgetting about the one that made me.

I have to thank you for leading me here.

Killing me so I could be brought to life.

So focused on obtaining you

That I forget about obtaining holiness.

Yea you’re a Christian


To be honest

I would have rather slept in with you than go to church.

This one Sunday

Just changed my life.

Showing me I’m just doing what I’m doing

Just to say I did it.

To be content.

To be honest I was and still may be depressed.

I still think about you before I sleep and when I wake up.

Difference is I’m not going to focus on women, drug, and sex anymore.

I’m going to focus on God.

Obtaining my academic and spiritual goals.

The girl I’m meant to be with

Will just come to me.

I’ll just know.

And when I’m with her

I won’t forget about God.

I’d glorify him with her.

For now I’ll work on myself.

Making myself what he wants me to be.

You called me too perfect

But thank you for making me realize

That I’m anything but perfect….



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