Time is of the Essence

I’m being pushed away.

From you.

I hate it.

I want you.

But it’s as  if

I can’t have you.

I try to fight the push.

I happens to be stronger than me.

I thought I was stronger than this.

Guess I was wrong.

But this felt so right.

I think it’s my time to go.


I really don’t know.

Maybe one day

This will come again

And it will be stronger than the wind.




I just have to tell you

It’s slowly killing me on the inside.

The more I hold it in

The more I die

Every day.

You really are phenomenal

Far better than me.

Maybe I just need to get as amazing as you.

That would take my whole lifetime.

Everything that is meant to be will be.

Everything is on God’s time.

Not ours.


If you find someone better

I’ll be happy for you.

At least you were a part of my journey.

No time is ever wasted.

Memories are created.

You will always be a part of mine.

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