Past Decisions

Just when I thought I was on the right track.

You remind me I’m nowhere near.

I didn’t mean to sleep with your ex best friend.

You didn’t even like her.

I didn’t even like her.

But that doesn’t matter.

Now you won’t talk to me.

I guess I deserve it.

Really it kills.

I wish we could be best friends but I guess that out of the question.

Once again my past comes and haunts me.

From two years ago.

I just wish you knew who I am now.

But why would I expect you to.

If you slept with one of my ex best friends I would be just as mad.

I really did care about you.

Probably more than the rest of them.

But I would never have the courage to tell you.

Besides you would take it the wrong way.

So I guess I’ll forget we ever existed

If that’s what you want.

If only you knew how much I hated myself that night

You told me you found out.

I deleted your number.

But I won’t forget.

Life is funny.

Actually nah this isn’t really funny.

I try to find the bright side.

But there isn’t one…

I did what I did.

I can’t take it back.



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