You say we’re on different levels.

I’d disagree.

I go out too much.

But I’d stop for you.

Not because you told me to.

But because I want to be better for you.

You say you’re too old.

But age doesn’t tell us anything about ourselves.

You want us to be on the same level.

That’s what emotions and love challenges


You’re white.

I’m black.

But you don’t mention that.

Noah fought for this on The Notebook.

Classism puts people on different levels.

Aren’t we past these levels?

Aren’t we above levels?

Love is blind.

It sees no levels.

The only unbiased thing on this planet.

So to say this is to limit love and feelings.

Never limit these things.

They are what bring us joy




A part of life.

I can’t allow you to do this.

I want to open your eyes.


Maybe I’m selfish for wanting to be the lucky guy that makes you smile.

I know you want the same.

At least I think.

Maybe I dream too much?

Maybe my expectations are too high?

People fight for love beyond boundaries.

You can’t place boundaries for this love.

I’m going to fight for this love.

Whether I win or not

I know it’s worth it.




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