The Perfect Daydream

Am I good enough for you?

Can I provide you with everything I want to?

Or am I just some bum,

Trying to get your attention?

I know I’m one of many.

That doesn’t make me feel better.

But I stay positive.

Like maybe my personality is better.

But you barely know me.

Maybe I’m cuter.

But I doubt that.

Maybe I’m stronger.

But I doubt that too.

We know I’m not taller.

Not car

No money.

What can I offer?

I ask myself this.

It only makes me feel worse.

But you’re just beautiful.

I’m so caught up in the fact of what could be.

You just seem so amazing to me.

But you’re about to leave.

I’m here for longer.

But should I let that change anything.

Emotions feel what they want regardless.

Maybe a waste of time and emotions.


Nobody is a waste of time and emotions.

Especially you.

You’re like the perfect melody in my head.

This could all be a dream.

But I’d rather stay in this dream.

It’s just so wonderful.

I aspire to be like you one day.

Maybe I’ll give you the perfect daydream.

I could only dream and hope.

You give me hope whether you know it or not.

From the first time I met you this daydream began.

I looked forward to something every week.

Maybe it’s too much for so soon.

Maybe I don’t care if it is.

Feeling as if I had everything I needed in my arms that one night.

You make me nervous.

If only I could tell you this.

Maybe one day.

Until then I’ll just keep having the perfect daydream.

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