Rainy Birthday

As the wind blows on my face

The rain hits me sideways.

I love the feeling.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s my birthday.

What a great thing to feel.

It’s like pregnancy all over again.

Wait what?

Is it?

Leaves falling out the trees.

Blood on the leaves.

Kanye knows all about that and wind.

I would love to go to Chicago.

But is it going to be raining?


Ohh okay well what about Boston?

No rain there either….

Guess I’ll stay here with the rain.

It does something to me.

Sends shivers down my spine.

And no its not cold rain.

Early September it’s still warm.

My shoes were just delivered.

Can’t wear them though because

It’s raining.

Don’t want to get them dirty.

I love me a fresh pair of 160 dollar shoes.

It’s my weakness.

Even though I can’t wear them in my favorite weather.

I hope it storms tonight.

Thunder is so calming.

It’s as loud as me.

I can’t help it.

I’ll treat myself to some pizza.

It’s not Chicago style though.


As the wind and rain blows.

So do my thoughts.

They are intertwined.


Not literally.

I like to think.

The deeper the better.

The more the merrier.

Maybe I’ll write a poem.

Actually nah.

Let me enjoy the moment.

19 feels so different.

Maybe not to you.

But to me.

Besides it is my rainy day.

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