Care too much

You’re not even that cute.

So why do I care.

You say I’m too nice.

You’re  not used to it.

So why do I care.

You constantly bring me down.

So why do I care.

I know I’m not your type

And I could do better.

So why do I care.

I’m trying to figure it out.

What makes me care?

Maybe because beauty is more than looks.

Maybe because I like to experiment.

Maybe because life is about risk.

Maybe I’m bored.

Maybe I want somebody.

Maybe I like your kiss.

Maybe I like your touch.

Maybe because I want to build you up.

Maybe because I want to prove them wrong.

Guess I’m too nice.

Everybody deserves a chance.

Guess we do finish last.

But I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself

Nor should anyone feel sorry for me.

One day I’ll win.

I still count the losses.

But the win will out weight it.

I don’t care too much.

I care enough…

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