07/08/2013 Flaw Filled Superman

I cracked the stick.

It turned into a whip.

I took the chick.

She called off sick.

Instead the whip went to work.

This makes me smirk.

But really I got the number.

She never texted back.

I just liked her cause she was plumper.

It’s all good.

It’s like fishing right.

I see a bunch in sight.

Can I just catch one for fun.

Maybe a hit and run.

Nah i’m too nice for that.

But I would never hit a rat.

Sike naw I would.

Maybe I’ll hit then listen.

Listen until the pain makes her glisten.

You can take that two ways.

We could make a few plays.

You the receiver I’m the quarterback.

But I can throw more at you than a sack.

Throw some knowledge and happiness your way.

But they don’t give me a chance to make them stay.

Unless they want to be my girl.

My mama can be my only girl.

She is my world.

One day I’ll buy her a house.

Until then I’m working.

Working towards finding a way there.

I’m moving like a turtle.

It’s like a ran track just to lose the race.

Can’t run this hard just to lose.

I know I just dropped a love but this one girl

She catches my attentions.

Her and 20 others.

No but this one specific is like heaven in a person.

Beautifully wrapped.

Musically talented.

God loving.

It’s like she’s everything and more.

But I wouldn’t be ready.

Had to sign up for a loan today.

Going broke one day at a time.

That’s where I’m at right now.

But I love my life.

Wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

Flaw filled Superman.

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