Bound to Loneliness

Feeling alone all the time.

In a room full of people.

Girl reply to my messages.

Why you gotta play so hard to get.

Can I just get a little conversation.

Really that’s all I want.

Can we talk?


Okay cool.

Here I am alone again.

Must be bound to this feeling.

I been in love

But I’m not ready.

At least I don’t think so.

We used to be so close.

What happened.

We don’t even talk anymore.

You ignore my messages

And here I’m left alone.


My brain told me not to converse with you.

Scared of rejection and loneliness.

So I’d rather avoid being ignored.

Everyone else ignores me so why wouldn’t you.

I just think I’m bound to it.

It won’t leave my side.

The only thing by my side.

Only other thing by me is unoccupied space

Occupied by loneliness.


Empty but full. 

It’s cool I’ll fill the space myself.

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