Playing the Game

It’s so easy to get attached to one person.

To search and look for a person to get feelings for.

But don’t all your feelings lead to disappointments?

So why search for somebody to have those feelings for.

Oh I believe that love is beautiful

And that there is nothing like it,

But once it’s done it feels like a knife is in your heart.

Then the players play the game

So they don’t have to worry about heartaches.

Just playing women and running innings to home base.

Scoring but the score is only temporary.

When the love is real and it stays.

That’s the real score

When it’s not just the physical but the mental.

It’s on a whole different level.

Maybe playing the game isn’t worth it

And I was wrong.

Love is worth it

When you eventually find the one

Worth going crazy over. 

I’m done with playing the game.

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