The sincere ones always get less than those who aren’t willing to give a penny.

The ones not willing to give receive it all,

But the ones who care the most are taken advantage of.

They are too nice to stop caring and stop being sincere.

Sincerity is rarely rewarded

Insincerity gets you the world and more.

Sincerity gets you cheated on and your heart ripped out.

Isn’t it backwards?

Always being left with the feeling of not being appreciated,

While showing appreciation 100% of the time.

Feed false dreams and false hope only to be let down time and time again.

Not willing to give up and believing that there are people who value your sincerity.

Being let down is like the chance of rolling over a rock on a dirt road.

They say you can’t make it in the world if you care,

Because you have to crush everyone in your way to get to the top.

Is it true?

Is it not possible to help people other than yourself and get recognition?

So far I can’t even tell…

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