Are You Ready

For the decisions of your life.

Breaking hearts.

Leaving them hopeless and loveless.

Broken with the pieces scattered.

How do you feel now?

Stupid, inconsiderate, and childish.

You’re a good guy right?

Would a good guy do that?

They say treat your girl like you would treat your mother.

Would you treat your mom like this?

Tear here apart and kill her dreams.

The one girl who treated you like a king and you just threw it away.

You obviously wasn’t ready.

Not man enough,

Not mature enough

For a real woman who will love you with all her heart.

You’d rather go out and have empty lifeless fun.

Use the excuse of trying to find yourself.

Self-improvement you say.

No more head aches

 No more heart breaks

Just one heart you’ve broken.

The cycle of most males.

And we don’t even notice it.

Just used to playing the game and moving from girl to girl.

Will it ever stop?

I doubt it because we not ready…

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