Whose World is this

Which world do I want to reside in?

Each world gives me different benefits.


Over here i'm ruler.

I get all of the praise and worship.

There's a statue of me here


In the next world I am pleased.

Whenever and however.

I spend most of my time in bed there.


Then I travel to where my mind is stimulated.

Intelligent conversation that tests my mind.

Sometimes i'm stumped and I don't know what to say.

I never spend too much time in one place.

I'm too curious.


This land is rich in soil.

But the garden is never tended to.

From just looking at the surface

You can't tell how beautiful it really is.


My eyes are not infatuauted so I walk

And find a place that's in the middle of a desert.

I don't know it but it's a mirage.

Deceiving and deceptive.

It looks like a great place but it does not exist.

It is a lie.


I travel in between these worlds trying

To choose and think

Why can't I just stay in them all at once?



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