I can save a goat from a pack of wolves.

Abstract thoughts lead to great expectations.

As I escaped in my dream from the ghouls.

I’m forced to learn about the muscles striations.

Losing focus as the butterflies pass by.

They look so pretty that they cannot be real.

The past rain lies in the grass so it isn’t dry.

Then I feel a pain in my back that feels like cold steel.


Cold sweats in sweatpants.

Unimpressed by the visuals provided.

Which is why you only see me in sweatpants.

Everyone surrounding me looks misguided.

Blinded by the dark clouds.

The halo around my head gives me extra light.

You could never see my face is the crowds

Because I still am the only one with sight.


I know they can’t see the pretty butterflies.

So I feel sorry for them as they get their shoes wet.

Everyone is wearing their best in the summertime.

Now they’re mad and see the grass as a threat.

I don’t know if the cold steel is from me or a stranger.

I look at my reflection in a woman’s glasses.

She feels my presence and senses danger.

Right then I remember I’m headed to my classes.



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