Please Reconnect

Please reconnect your controller.

Give your attention back to me.

Reconnect your electrical current to my system.

Do not let these control systems capture you.

Your mind is decaying one half life at a time.

Half of your life can’t be mine.

Either I’m your electrical generator

Or you find your power elsewhere in the world.

You have to be fully charged for me,

To truly be connected to me and my word.

Can you half love?

Can you half trust?

Can you be half alive?

Dead to your flesh but alive in my spirit,

But through my spirit you are made whole.

Do you want temporary relievers or eternal forgiveness?

Let me tell you aleve will still leave you feeling the same hours later.

Believe and it shall come to pass

That the aftermath of your life was already determined in the past.

So weep not my children

For this present life is nothing compared to the future glory.

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