Growing pains of Executing Love

*New Poems*

Let it all go,

It will be alot easier we all know.

I stood with you for many years

but that has now ended with continously followed tears.

I wish you could find your meaning

Find a great one, that keeps you from thinking of me day to day

Now I stand here,

Nothing left to say to you...

Maybe one of these days

I'll catch up to you

You will show me that you pulled through

The hardest thing god has faced us with.

Now I will stand here and sing one last song to you

Nothing left to say to you...

But I might help you make it through

as I sing to you...

The voice growing softer as your days go by

Reign in your voice may start to fly.

A song of our hearts combing in the forestry.

When you and me

Are in the trees, for the world to see.

This would be my song to you.

I wish the people could have seen all the fucked up shit we went through...

But now I stand here aching as I sing one last song to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 and 1/2 year writers block over... finally could open again.

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