Old Soul

I was born aware of my losses

I was born aware of my crosses.

I missed so much, but they are still in remembrance of my serenity.

So just lay inside of my head, with me...

I'll show you everything

I've worried since I was a child,

of what my losses could be

my mother dying

my father leaving

I wont compete with you everyday

in every possible way

Take my word, I know what I'm talking about

I'm an old soul.

I was born old.

I have worries

That no others could imagine or possibly even see

If you just walked away

What could I really say

Would it matter anyway?

You'd think I was strange.

I'm a mess, that you treat

I'm the dream, you cannot sleep.

...Don't think I'm wierd because I know what you dont

Don't think I'm wierd because I'll always know what you wont.

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