The light ...

The tunnel I'm traveling is dark

and I'm searching for the light

unkowning's fear finds it's mark

But I choose fight not flight

Because I can tell you are here

I can feel your strength in me

with your touch you chase away the fear

as I know by my side you'll be

You tell me there's light at the end

and that I'll reach it some day

Now I don't have to pretend

the faith in what you say

Because I know you'd never lie

about the things that matter

You've heard me scream and seen me cry

Beared witness to my heart's shatter

Still you stand with me by my side

Taking me hand you lift me

and show me how not to hide

from what I do not see

How can I take your hand now

and repay you for what you've done

Your friendship is light, this I avow

Now I have no reason to run

Thank you for being here, my friend

and walking with me tonight

My love for you will not end

With you I can win life's fight

and if the road splits us apart

a part of your light will stay

It will live forever in my heart

And for your bright road it will pray

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