I hate you

I hate you for the pain you put me through

You put me through things I didnt even have to,

What did I do wrong for you to mistreat me?

For you to even at sometimes beat me;

Does that make you a man to depress how I feel?

To hurt me, in more than one way

Then finally I had to let you go one day

Maybe it was my stupidity for letting you into my life

I never want to see you again

I wish you would just fall away and change your ways

You are the screwup

You had no life; You were jealous; and wish you hadnt lost what you had

Can you believe; You arent needed

You are selfish and all that I DONT need in my life

Now that I'm happy; all your doing is crying

I hate you for the pain your put me through

Your  pain, and lost dreams is due.

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I hate...

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