Afraid of What? ( What you cannot see )


Turning on the bright blotted light;

Walking a little faster through dark hallways,

Heart racing, chills slapping them selves across your skin.

The mysteria tagging along to your fears,

Making you wonder

Afraid of what? What you cannot see

I feel it lurking, I feel it seeping into the sable vested night

Oh god, the night cries what have you done to me

The demonic catching my darkness

What have you done here?

It's tagging at me... It's running toward me

Pulling me toward something,

What is it? I'm no longer able to see

Cant you just leave me alone?

As the hallow depthlessness moans

Glancing around, as if it would help

It's no longer your place of love,

but your lack of belonging, Your hell.

I'm pulled to something, its blood shot eyes;

Them being my guide,


Why am I so afraid?

Afraid of what

What you cannot see

Only the few unfortunate can  be apart of this

Only apon their quivering lips, have they been kissed

Kissed by the  darkness, not by the love...

just by the lack of hope, their voice no longer singing

C..a..n..t.. hold onto this wind stricken sorrow

To afraid

I'm falling

Theres something there, noone belives me

It's me perceiving

Cant take this


I'm afraid

Afraid of what?

What you cannot see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may be gothic b ut I have a fear of the dark, because my mind plays tricks on me; although I know there is something else there...

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