Mommy Dearest


Mommy Dearest, I got sick again today

You watched at the door with cruel words to say

And I slept past noon because I was too weak

You screamed cuz I’m lazy; it’s all you would speak

Mommy Dearest, you praised me in front of your friends

But I turn my back and the praise report ends

I’d get thinner to please you, but that’s not enough

I lost so much weight just to win all your love

But you wanted me to lose more, and you knew how

And you bitched when I was sick, no pleasing you now

Mommy Dearest, you took a hold of my name

To keep utilities on, you put me to shame

And you told all your friends how psycho I am

I’m your creation, but you just don’t give a damn

Well, psycho-analyze this: I’m having a child of my own

And unlike me, he won’t feel so alone

He won’t have to try to please me to win all my love

He won’t be pushed away when he gives me a hug

And when he’s sick, I’ll nurture him back to health

He won’t go to sleep crying cuz no love was felt

I won’t slam the door when he needs to be let in

He won’t sit in silence analyzing his pain

I’ll wipe away his tears and give him a smile

Thanks for teaching me how not to raise my child

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