He said he loved me; we would spend our lives together,
All I am is for you, I’ll love you till forever.
His heart must have forgotten the vow he made,
When he was running around cheating and getting laid.
Before I knew of his indiscretion,
I sensed something was wrong and I didn’t like the tension.
I wanted to make things better, thought I’d surprise him with my gift,
I knocked on his door, no answer, thoughts began to shift.
It’s the dead of winter; the rain is falling hard,
I sat in the diner across and counted the passing cars.
Waited for him to get there, hoping he’d be surprised,
I spotted him exiting a car with her, that was my demise.
I started hearing voices; I fought them to no avail,
4 hours later the rain turned into hail.
I stood there waiting for the beautiful woman to leave,
She passed by me with a look of pleasure and I could not believe.
I stormed in his house crying and pounding on his chest,
He said how long have you been out there? I did wrong but I love you
No less.
How could you love me if you would give her what is mine?
I heard the voices again..
I’m losing my mind!
I threw a chair then a lamp screaming how could you do this?
I punched the mirror as shattered pieces cut my wrist.
I collapsed bleeding; he’s calling for help,
This isn’t over; your life will be hell.
You were supposed to love me; you were supposed to be my king,
Did you forget the commitment that came with this ring?
I was taken out on a stretcher, being soothed by the E.M.T
I looked at him and warned, you won’t soon forget me.
Leaving the hospital, the voices continued in my head,
He would never cheat again if he was dead.
I took the spare key and let myself in,
Hid in the closet at about 11:50
He won’t love anyone if he’s not with me.
They walked in stumbling in their crazy heat of passion,
The voices became louder and I could not ration.
He mounted her in the missionary position,
She moaned in pleasure, I hated to listen.
“He said he loved ME!!!”
Tears rolled down my cheek,
Pow pow pow, her face began to leak,
He screamed but moved too late,
You broke my heart, that was your mistake.
A stream of bullets then I lost track,
As he went for cover, I shot him in the back.
Turned the gun to my temple, shot myself in the head,
Mr. I’ll love you forever didn’t die, but he’ll never walk again.

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