I'm not just a sexy look,

I'm an open book

you didn't  care to read,

I wrote myself into the pages with hopes

that you'd see,

but you're obviously blind,

and I can't write in brail,

please give me a moment while I wait to exhale.



Attempted to pen myself into your life yet I was disregarded,

my heart is now feeling like another dearly departed.

but miss here is not mourning or crying a loss,

I simply add you to the trash I toss,


obviously you weren't worth the second glance,

much less that second chance.

don't come talking that shit because shit stinks,

I read between the lines of your confessions over those drinks.

and it all became crystal clear, I understood your objective,

while I thought it was different with me, I was actually not the exception.

so the pen stopped moving,

your words no longer soothing.

I began to see it for what it truly was.


Lies that captured me,

Lies that engulfed me.

Lies that turned me on

Lies that made me ache

To know the truth behind your secretive nature & mysterious ways,

truth was,

I was being played.

you saw me as an object, another where you'd find sexual release,

and for a minute I played the part,

but your games

began to change

with words of me being in your heart.

I dissected your body language, from your walk,smile and smirk.

your heart began to acknowledge me and I in turn left you hurt.

I purposely turned it around on you so you would feel atleast an ounce of what I felt,

You learned to read me too late, now you're just another notch on my belt.

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