Stop Pretending

Love &Hate

You took my love and blew it in smoke, now it’s tainted.

We’re not the picture of perfection as I once painted.

We’re something so opposite of that ideal.

The bullshit and rubble that we’ve become is real.

The shyt falling to pieces and that look of disgust,

That is the real us.

That everything will be okay,

Just take it day by day.

Bullshyt is what that is to me.

Let’s stop pretending we’re what we used to be.

We can’t just turn back like all of a sudden it will be alright.

Every other time we speak it turns into a fight.

I don’t care for the bullshyt games. I’m past that at this age.

You can do all the arguing by yourself I’ll give you center stage.

I’m done with the lying pretending we’re fine.

This makes no sense and it’s a waste of time.

Just let it be, you can drop the act.

Stop with the façade and face the fact.

There’s no happily ever after in this fictionalized story,

Go find another “other woman” as you had before me.

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