What are your thoughts?


Your thoughts enchant and intrigue me,

You have completely,

Taken my breath away, with your words you provoke,

You unknowingly invoked.

The poet who once lived in me; seeing darker days,

I'm captured and held in your word play.

What are your thoughts on Iran?

North Korea and the Taliban?

What do you think of the Bush administration?

The new Middle East in creation.

I love how Alex Jones

Exposed the skull and bones and the bohemian grove.

He exposed the elites like other's wouldn't dare.

Like the satanic ritual called cremation of care.

What are your thoughts on Katrina and the lack of humanitarian aid?

All the help they didn't receive, yet employees of FEMA had in increase in pay.

With the anniversary of September 11th approaching,

Condoleezza Rice is coaching,

President Bush on what to say,

He has to sound smart and sympathetic for that Memorial Day.

What are your thoughts?

You articulate them so well,

To the listening ear,

Share your thoughts and opinions I am ready to hear

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