Too Late

           Too late

Now you want to love me how I once loved you,

Now you want to miss me how I once missed you.

Now you want to try how I once tried.

Am I supposed to forget how I once cried?

Because I gave myself to you, who once pushed me away,

Now you have the audacity to ask me to stay?

Now that I’m over you, over the hurt, over the pain,

Over waiting for the I love you that never came.

I’m supposed to drop everything because you want another chance?

Another chance at what exactly? Another chance to use me? Take advantage and mislead me?

I’m not buying the stories you’re trying to feed me.

Yeah go ahead and tell one of those I was confused stories, I was scared, I didn’t know.

Tell that to someone else who doesn’t know.

Someone who can’t read you like I can, someone who is a bit more gullible.

Don’t bring me your half truths, I’m already over you.

Don’t for one second think I’ll be naïve,

With that said darling you can leave.

It’s not the same when you call; I’m rushing off the phone,

I tell you I have company even if I’m alone.

I’d rather you just kept your distance and let it be.

You ruined any chance of reconciliation with me.

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