I tried to reassemble the heart you left in pieces

It doesn't resemble mine

I'm stuck with the pain you left behind.

you built me up and pulled me down,

your silence spoke volumes though I heard not a sound.

I saw the love you felt for her, the love you didn't want to lose,

I was broken in a million pieces yet you didn't have a clue.

I couldn't fathom why I felt so much,

I never held you to me or really felt your touch.

but you did something to me in that time,

I envisioned giving myself to you completely,

you being mine.

you and I building something so many others would envy,

a relationship others wish they could have,

now I have to look at you as a broken moment in my past.

I never saw you as another freak, mami I saw the heart of you,

I thought my life would be yours and I'd be a part of you,

I thought you felt the same and we were on the same page,

than things started changing and we disengaged,

no longer connected, everything just fell apart,

just when you started to find your way into my heart,

it was like the minute my heart recognized you,

you became a stranger,

sometimes I wish I would've kept my distance,

I know at times emotions can mean danger,

it makes the strongest person weak,

it will come disguised as joy,

only to come in for the kill and strategically destroy.

yet a part of me holds on to you as if you never let me go,

I think about it and hurt, but I never let you know.

I retract and sometimes wish I had you again,

but its too late so I force myself to be content with you being a friend.

I hope you find happiness in everything you do,

And know that a part of me will always ache for you.

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