I've turned righteous men into sinners,

mother's into whores.

I'm that very bitch you'd love to abhor.

I've corrupted society,

killed sons and daughters

I've pushed people into dementia

made some committ manslaughter.

I got people hugging the block,

fucking with these rocks.

I've been his vice, her death. their life.

creating chaos because that is my job.

I'm the reason people are killed and robbed.

I am the reason he steals from her purse.

my intentions are to leave families hurt

while pretending to shield and numb you from the pain.

with out me you're crumbling.. I make you need me again.

see that's what I like,

to see you fall at my feet.

bow down to my greatness, admit defeat.

I make suppliers rich, users addicted.

heartless son's of bitches never looking back at the damage we inflicted.

still I'm in high demand and in heavy rotation.

I fukked up the world, and killed the last generation.

I use them as much as they use me.

this is the perfect union, tell me you'll die for me.

I like when you're greedy. never get complacent,

continue to build my empire, paper chasin'

we want to travel 1st class overseas,

make love to me until your nose bleeds.

then push me to the next *in line*

Make me look good.

I want to be the baddest bitch in the hood.

the reason they carry gunz and trust no man.

I have them all on the palm of my hands.

I gave plenty of dudes false hood fame,

left some for dead struggling to regain,

their life, their breath.

my purpose is to create destruction and death.

Until the world's inhabitants can't function.

This is my introduction,My Game

Allow me to build you up and break you down

i'll numb your pain momentarily

but i'll kill you internally


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