Untitled This

Untitled This

Karyn Indursky


I wrote a poem and it was naked to the bone

for the thoughts strung together

like a bracelet.


I took this bracelet to add

expressions, emotions, style 

as little charms to be cherished.


I took the charms of memories

to show off elegantly upon

wearing it on my wrist.


Upon my wrist words sparkled

like gleaming stars 

and the silent truths sang.


Honesty sang it's song

how a title really didn't belong

for the core was ready to be explored.


The bones of the poem

were stronger than the diamonds

for they came from the heart.


The stanzas were molded

stronger than anything I've seen

and it wasn't missing anything.


Without a title

it was still sound

and open for interpretations to be unbound.

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