What favor?

What Favor?

Karyn Indursky

A favor isn't 
trashing a place 
and expecting me 
to clean it up. 
A favor isn't assuming 
I'm bored
I honestly don't get bored.

A favor isn't running me ragged 
and claiming it's a sleep aid. 
A favor isn't watching 
my sugar crash 
to test my levels...

If you'd stop,
it'd be more stabilized. 
A favor isn't being two faced  
or spreading rumors about me 
and testing my reactions.

A favor isn't laughing 
at my expense
making derogatory comments
about me 
and making excuses 
why it's acceptable.
A favor isn't making me
change, train, or have others level up...

It's mean, insensitive, selfish
and a good way to be sued. 


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