The Girl In The Mirror

The girl in the mirror

By Karyn Indursky



The girl in the mirror is someone I hardly know. 
I don't remember seeing such pain and misery in those 
medium blue eyes of perception, compassion, devotion, and all. 
I don't remember feeling warm wet tingling tears fall 
from my eyes down my cheeks, lips, neck. 
I don't remember my nose running from being so upset. 
I don't remember feeling so hurt and alone in a house 
of people, who are supposed to care, but don't. 
I don't remember knowing they don't care. 
I remember the nice, sweet, friendly, all giving child 
that I was growing into the naive isolated 
depressed non-expressive teenager. 
I remember the girl who couldn't stand looking at 
herself in a mirror because she felt too ugly and fat. 
I remember the girl who had so much going for her, 
but lost it all when she stopped being numb. 
I remember the girl from my past, 
but I don't know me now. 
I don't remember the girl the mirror.

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