Into A Pulp Of Nothingness

Into a pulp of nothingness

By Karyn Indursky



I miss being happy. I forget what it feels like. 
I come home from work and all I want to do 
is cry. Then, I want to sink away in a hole 
and just die. No matter what day it is, where I'm at, 
who I'm with, and what not, I feel the weight 
of the world crushing down on my shoulders. 
It's too much of a weight. It burdens me constantly. 
People think I speak so much, but I speak so little 
from my heart. It's killing me inside and all I 
want to do is cry like the rain from the heavens, 
but these tears won't fall. I feel this pressure 
everywhere. It's crushing me... crushing me... crushing me... 
into a pulp of nothingness.

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